The Margolis Travel Scholarships were established in honor of Dr. Philip Margolis.  Dr. Margolis has given many years of service to MWAAPL and is a MWAAPL past president.

The purpose of this award is to encourage trainees to pursue forensic psychiatry training in the hopes that they will one day establish careers in the Midwest, become productive members of our organization and contribute meaningfully to our field.

MWAAPL recognizes that not all general training programs are rich in forensic psychiatry resources. Our organization can help trainees get forensic experience, network with forensic professionals and meet potential mentors.

The residents in contention for this award need not have prior experience in forensic psychiatry.  They do need to have a Midwestern “connection” such as residency training in the Midwest, plans for fellowship training in the Midwest or the intention to establish their careers in the Midwest.  Residents seeking this award must demonstrate a desire for forensic education and mentorship.  They also must demonstrate “need” for the travel scholarship such as limited access to forensic electives and mentors.  The application must include:

  • A cover letter indicating he/she is applying for a Margolis Travel Scholarship, the training program he/she is currently in, who his/her training director is and what his/her training year is
  • A letter of nomination from his/her Training Director and/or Forensic Psychiatry Mentor
  • A statement by the resident (no longer than 500 words) detailing their interest in/experience in forensic psychiatry, scholarly work, teaching, Midwestern connection (training in the Midwest, plan to do fellowship or work in the Midwest post-graduation), need for forensic psychiatry exposure and long-term career goals
  • The resident’s curriculum vitae