MWAAPL celebrated its 30th anniversary in March 2013 with a high quality meeting in Columbus, OH. To see if the chapter was meeting its objectives, a short survey was circulated. Nearly 50 individuals completed the survey which showed:

  • Six respondents had belonged to MWAAPL for over 25 years
  • One respondent had been to all 30 meetings. Three additional respondents had been to 21 or more meetings
  • Twenty respondents served as officers for MWAAPL during the history of the chapter
  • Four respondents served as officers for our parent organization AAPL
  • Twenty respondents were currently or had served on AAPL committees
  • Eight respondents won AAPL awards including the Red Apple Award, the Rappeport Fellowship and Best Teacher in a Forensic Fellowship
  • MWAAPL member respondents had a combined 60+ publications in the past year
  • MWAAPL member respondents had a combined 120+ presentations in the past year

Our 30th anniversary celebration also yielded the following member quotes that really demonstrate the value of our organization to its members:

I see Midwest AAPL’s place, mission, and function as doing just want it is doing.  It is an incubator for early career forensic psychiatrists and psychiatrists interested in forensics.  Our annual meeting is a wonderful forum for the early career people to get started producing meetings, making presentations, and meeting others.

I enjoy this excellent caliber meeting and the presenters more than I can express.

I value all the people I have met and gone out to dinner with and helped organize meetings with over the years. Many are some of my closest professional friends, even though they may live long distances from me.

MWAAPL is truly a thriving, productive and collegial organization!